A Wise man

I got married to the Angel of my life jone. Jone happen to be the woman i love when i was still a teenager. Two year after our marriage she was pregnant which made me happy,on the long run i had problem in my business which made it crumble… As a hard working man i decided to travel to a very far country to hustle for money.. 5 days later i got to my destination. On getting there i was stranded until i met a wealthy man who volunteered to help me, he said i should serve him for 20 years and he is going to settle me… Out of hopelessness i concurred . i served honestly i was submissive and obedient to him. When my time was due for settlement i went to tell my master
Me:master my time is due and i will like to be settled
Master: good of you u have served me very well but i will give u too options
1: i will give you your money for the 20 years you served me.
2: i will give u advice and 2 loafs of bread

This options sent me into a dilemma…. After so much thinking i decided to pick option 2

Me:Master i have decided to take the second option
Master: that is good of you . now i have 2 advice for you
1: do not take short cut to succeed in life
2: control your temper do not get angry easily.

He handed me over the 2 loaves of bread well package with a bag.I thanked him and started my journey back to my country… On my way i could not locate my country because its been long i went home, i decided to ask a man who told me there was 2 ways back to my country either i pass a short cut which will take me 2days to reach my country or i pass the normal road which is going to take me 5 day. Immediately i remembered my masters advice and decided to go through the normal road.. Few hours later i met d man that directed me to pass the short cut,he said i should thank my stars that i did not pass that road if not a lion could have devoured me … After 5 days i arrived my country , immediately i entered my house and i saw a man sitting on my wife lap caressing her hair immediately i got angry and wanted to react but i remembered my masters advice i maintained and went inside the room.The next day my wife approached me and welcomed me warmly, then i asked her softly who was the man with her yesterday and she said “that is your son remember i was pregnant before you left” ohh thats true “so where is the money you went to hustle for”
I handed her the bag of bread and she was like “after 20 years this is what you brought home” she opened the breads behold all my 20 years salary was kept in the middle of the breads
….. This story just illustrated that is obedient very important in our life

Still me konami

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